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  1. Don’t you mean hypochondriacs rather than insomniacs? Or do you just mean because it’s so boring?

  2. Dude, that totally made sense and sparkled with wit at 4 ack emma. Yeah.
    The nail ridges had been a minor concern in the background since just before we went on hols. Sitting there looking for something different to do online while insomniac, I Googled and I Did Find.
    Yea verily, when one can’t sleep the internets can assuage all sorts of niggling little thoughts.

  3. Hey, thanks for that link, tigtog. As you say, one of those minor background niggles.

  4. So why does Mayo need a clinic?

  5. I give up. To get to the other side?

  6. Been there, googled that 🙂
    not sure if there is a single affliction in my family that i haven’t googled.
    And Google Scholar just cuts through all the crap one would otherwise have to wade through….
    My recent mammogram results got a good googling, to be sure!
    “Dense parenchymal tissue and clinically palpable abnormality representing a benign fibroglandular ridge”, in reality, means I’m OK.

  7. Damn, I don’t know how I missed this comment above back then. I know you’re planning on a trip with the family soon SC, so I don’t know whether you’ll read this, but I’m very glad to hear your mammogram was fine.

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