Month: May 2007

Invisible Lesbians!

Over on Larvatus Prodeo, people have been discussing the “invisible lesbians” in (or rather, not in) the press photo of Mary Cheney and Heather Poe’s brand new son. Cheney and Bush have all been carefully skirting press questions about their… Read More ›

Bragging on the offspring

The tigling just received a HD+ for her first long narrative assignment in English this year, a story about old age. I think I have a parent-crush on her teacher for writing this evaluation: Beautiful work [tigling]. Mrs Wentworth is… Read More ›

We’re baaaack!

Despite upgrading my webhosting bandwidth yesterday, we still went offline for quite a few hours. Hopefully everybody’s got the memos now.

Ooh, shiny!

It’s been a while since I posted pretty astronomy pictures. This one caught my eye today. Image Credit: APOD Venus and the Moon appearing near to each other in the evening sky last week. I like the diffraction spikes on… Read More ›


A fine rant from Amanda: Subsidized day care is murder – inspired by yet more US “pro-life” legislation against contraception that will result in increased abortion rates, the exact opposite of the fewer abortions they say they want. the notion… Read More ›