Month: May 2007

Abstaining from reality

A harrowingly detailed post from TerranceDC of The Republic of T (the post-title is his) about the way that AIDS education and prevention programmes worldwide, but especially in Africa, have been sabotaged by the Bush Administration’s insistence on not only… Read More ›

Peeve Week: “militant feminist”

Peeve Week continues here in my little corner of Hoyden About Town. Today, three things I am sick of reading: “Militant feminist.” “Feminazi.” “Feminist jihad.” Given the strong links between feminism and peace/anti-violence movements, can we please just expunge these… Read More ›

Jerry Falwell, dead aged 73

So he got his threescore years and ten, then. TANJ, except that he simply won’t get the glorious afterlife he’s been expecting. The Carpetbagger Report has a timeline of various highlights of his bigoted authoritarian ranting career. (via Ginmar)

Healthist cheerleading

Disease ‘n’ disability romanticists need to read this, at Twisty’s place. Twisty has a pile of sometimes scary and always downright nasty post-cancer-treatment symptoms. I’m even hopping madder that I find myself capitulating. “So how’re you doing?” people ask me,… Read More ›

After Bastard Boys

There was quite a bit of chest beating about bias with regard to the ABC drama Bastard Boys broadcast over the last two nights. Certainly the show is unlikely to do Greg Combet’s electoral chances any harm at all. But… Read More ›