Month: May 2007

Feminism 101 Blog update

I’ve just switched the Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog over to wordpress from blogger. I had to do it as my hatred of sucky Haloscan commenting had grown from the fiery heat of a hundred red dwarfs to the raging… Read More ›

Workchoicesplace cases

Peter Lalor at the Australian‘s blogs takes a fairly standard potshot at our goverment deciding to rename the Orwellian Worckchoices scheme and then delivers a litany of cases of workers drastically disadvantaged by unscrupulous employers pushing the Howard government’s new… Read More ›

Andrew Denton Knows His Audience

His final question to the three evangelist brothers – admit it, we all wanted to know about that hair. Image Credit: ABC-TV Update: the comments below have moved more to discussing the competing claims of faith and unbelief outlined in… Read More ›

Fluffy Feminism Redux

Last month, in one of HAT’s most commented posts, Lauredhel riffed off a trenchant criticism of the marketing around Jessica Valenti’s book Full Frontal Feminism to make some larger points about the common co-option of “sex-positive” feminism into the Feminist… Read More ›

Karen PWN!S! TEH n00bs

Karen Healey of Girls Read Comics and They’re Pissed riffed off Lauredhel’s Anti-Feminist Bingo Card and created an Anti-Comics-Feminist Bingo Card. Apparently some fanboyz have been having a whinge at her about it, so she has called forth the mighty… Read More ›