Belated Friday Fluffy

This photo from Flickr is a find from the WOW! images pool (any image that elicits a WOW! comment), and is here purely to provide a soothing contrast with the picture in the previous post. Besides, I haven’t been doing a Friday Fluffy of late. Slacko. I’ll do a links round up below the photo too.

reflection gull
Image Credit: originally uploaded by katia

I also discovered that Flickr now has a Feathery Friday photo pool and a Furry Friday photo pool. I thought I invented Friday Furry! (mind you, the alliteration is a tad obvious, so I guess lots of peeps would come up with the same).

Good reading this week:

Is Race A Difficult Topic for Women? and Is Feminism Global? (Aulelia, guestblogging at Feministe)
Casual Racism: The Usual Excuses (Winter at Mind the Gap!)
Concerned About Health, My Ass (Kate Harding at Shapely Prose)
Yesterday was a busy, busy day. And other unrelated stuff. (Odanu at An Examined Life)
Death By Ignorance (cristy at Two Peas No Pod)
Militant atheists are a cliché (PZ at Pharyngula)
Real Citizens & Real Leaders (TerranceDC at Pam’s House Blend)

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