Back in town. Hi!

We are back from five days up in Jurien Bay. What did I miss?

Heading North for the winter is definitely a Good Thing. We went with two friends and their daughters. The kids got along just fine, and had a ball.

I’m in fairly serious spoon deficit, so I might not be doing much in the way of wordy, thoughtful blogging for a few days. But I do have – photos!

The Jurien Bay caravan park advertises a Giant Jumping Pillow, which was, indeed, as we found when we got there, a Giant Jumping Pillow. The small people loved it. In our debrief today, the Lad was unhesitating in his assessment of the Giant Jumping Pillow (or, as he put it, the “GIANT JUMPING PILLOW!!!!!”) as the highlight of his holiday.

More after the cut.

He bounced and bounced and bounced.

This was the scene shortly after we arrived at the Pinnacles Desert, in the Nambung National Park.

Arms, and a Pinnacle.


It’s a windy spot, Nambung. This tree was desperately trying to hang on to its little patch of ground, but I fear it is fighting a losing battle.

Kicking back on the jetty at sunset, with a hand line and a swagload of patience.

And we drove past the Emu Downs Wind Farm on the way. It opened for business last year. Kinda cool (and the photos from a zooming car don’t really do it justice).

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  1. I should have warned you: last time I bragged on a kid here, she fell over and sprained her wrist.

    He is delightful though!

  2. He is delightful!
    Maybe I should wrap him in cotton wool for a couple of days as a precaution. Though he has already snookered that plan by making plans to go to Scitech this afternoon.

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