I nearly forgotted to WTF

But ohmykozy reminded me when we went on a photography expedition the other day. I meant to blog these “why, no gender stereotypes here at all, no way, nuh-uh” WC signs that we came across on an earlier cinema expedition:

Image Credit: originally uploaded by tigitogs

Sooo charming, eh?

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6 replies

  1. Ever seen the oh-so-cutesy “Setters” and “Pointers”?

  2. No, that’s some tweeness I’ve missed out on so far. But at least that’s just an eyeroll. Prossie Legs counterbalanced by Mr Muscles is far more endudgeoning.

  3. Not to mention the pink girly font for “female” and black impact (?) font for “male”. No stereotypes at all!

  4. That’s a rather large part of the offputtingness. If they’d taken a shot of a single female shank in a high heel with the same background and font as the male arm, it wouldn’t leap out so much?

  5. I don’t have arms like that. Guess I’ll just have to pee in the corner.

  6. Eww. I may have to do the same seeing as I hardly ever wear high heels.

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