Sydney Storms

It’s been quite a wild day or so for Sydney and the Central Coast, with gale force winds and various breakdowns, minor and not so minor, in the city’s infrastructure, particularly road and rail transport. All it would take to lose power is one of my neighbours’ trees blowing over (or one of mine) so if you don’t hear from Hoyden for the next day or so, that’s why.

My friend ssoross took this shot of a coal freighter aground on Nobby’s beach near Newcastle:

aground at Nobby's
Image Credit: originally uploaded by ssoross1

Here are the palm fronds I had to collect from the street today in order that the neighbours wouldn’t hate me too desperately (note flashback from raindrops):

Storm 3
Image Credit: originally uploaded by tigitogs

And here is a morning shot of the Sydney Swans, who amazingly had not just thrown their coach over the cliff when he told them to get swimming in the Coogee SLSC Ocean Baths.

Swannies after swim
Image Credit: originally uploaded by tigitogs

There’s been some very nasty stuff indeed reported on the Central Coast, roadbeds and cars upon them swept away etc. Check in Shaun, let us know that you and Beloved are A-OK.

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  1. As mentioned on LP The Beloved and Little One and I are fine. My parents though, on their first trip to see their granddaughter, have had a bit rough. We took them through the worst of the storm on Friday. Of course, we had no idea how bad it was going to be coming back from Taree (where we picked them up).
    Today was spent drinking coffee and tea, hiding from the wild weather and grandparents doting on grandchild.
    So lucky compared to other homes on the Central Coast without power (The Beloved’s parents have been without power for over 24 hours now).
    And the family killed at Somersby is just heartbreaking.

  2. I did see on LP that you were OK, which was a relief. The drive down from Taree must have been an anxious one. I’m glad you didn’t decided to take any scenic unstable route like the poor people at Somersby.

    Today was spent drinking coffee and tea, hiding from the wild weather and grandparents doting on grandchild.

    I know exactly what you mean of course, but my inner antecedents prefect now has me envisaging you, the Beloved and bub playing hide and seek from the evil doting grandparents while lightning flashes intermittently light the action in unnerving ways. My imagination has of course overlaid this scenario with a patina of Shaun of the Dead simply by name association. Sorry.

  3. Heh. It may have been like that if we had lost power like some many in our area.

  4. Yes it has been very draining for all involved, We only just got power back few hours ago was out since friday, the whole town flooded in hunter areas for example around 2 kilometres away is a small town wollombi and congewei which were both completely flooded i have a few photos if anyon is interested.. this will definately go down in history and in memory of all those who were directly affected with the lost families.

  5. Glad to hear you’re OK and definitely interested in photos JessicaLee – have you got them online somewhere?

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