Choking on Costello

Choking on Costello

John Howard: [visibly tense, eyes swivelling] “The Liberal Party of course will need to choose a new leader. I wish that person whoever it is and I’ve indicated very clearly from my earlier remarks who I believe it should be, I believe the future of our party does lie very much with people – erm, with Peter Costello – and others who will come in behind him.”

Alexander Downer [on Costello]: “I think he’ll be a very – hrm, [cough cough] – excuse me – a very formidable leader.”

And Costello himself is choking over his pledge to not run for party leader, in his news conference as I write. Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio.

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  1. Most of the papers are saying that Rudd has at best nine years – three terms – before the electoral cycle changes again and the Coalition comes back.
    I wonder who the sacrifical lamb for 2010 will be – i think it’s down to between Turnbull and Abbot – Abbot might win because of the right-wing grip on the Libs – but he’s not photogenic and a lot of people actively dislike him.
    Turnbull’s problem for conservatives is his involvement in the ARM and 1999 and that he has a reputation amongst the right-wingers as a silvertail and a LINO (Liberal In Name Only).

  2. Heh. Ken L nails it at The Road To Surfdom:

    John Howard nominated him as “the future of the Liberal Party” – I heard him last night and made a note of it.
    Except if that was literally true the party no longer has a future, because the annointed future told them where to shove it … after going to considerable lengths last night to advise the nation that in his own personal electorate, he’d had a swing to him. Today he’s taken great pleasure I imagine in telling his parliamentary colleagues ”Look I’ve been sulking for the last year and a half and nobody noticed so how about this for a sook!!! Eh? Eh???
    Still playing student politics after all these years.

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