Month: July 2008


I may regret this. I am venting at a bullying hierarchy, not the body of believers. I don’t find religious beliefs persuasive, but see no need to insult believers in general. The Vatican hierarchy is another matter entirely – I… Read More ›

Oh, the hilarity

British stand-up comedian Russell Brand rings the Nottingham police from the stage of his show, and hoaxes them by saying he’s seen a man who might be the serial sexual assaulter whom they seek. He then issues an “apology” about… Read More ›

Beats me

Ganked from comments at Sadly, No!. On July 18, 2008 at 18:47, Percy ‘Mad Dog’ Plumflute said, Poster on the global warming “hoax” thread: I believe the only reason we’re in a cooling period is as a result to the… Read More ›

Take that, cephalopodophiles

Andy sings a song of praise for the strong-stomached Melbourne Museum volunteers who braved a particularly malodorous exhibit – the dissection of a 550 pound giant squid: Members of the audience were seen covering their noses and mouths and retching… Read More ›

So, the hols are nearly over

Lauredhel and I will have more time for the bloggings next week! I’d like to thank the marvellous Guest Hoydens who contributed posts over the last few weeks: bluemilk The prolific Fuck Politeness Helen Mindy Ricky Buchanan Why not peruse… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: Elphaba

A mile above Oz, the Witch balanced on the wind’s forward edge, as if she were a green fleck of the land itself, flung up and sent wheeling away by the turbulent air. That is the opening sentence of the… Read More ›

Friday News Links Dump

It’s all over the TV news here in Australia this morning, though I can’t find video online, but here’s a picture gallery of the Amazing Shark Rescue Mission, where the marine scientists from the Gold Coast’s Sea World park led… Read More ›

A good bread day

Sometimes you just have a good bread day. This was made with the New York Times/Sullivan Street Bakery/Jim Lahey no-knead bread recipe, or an approximation thereof. I used Lowan instant yeast and white high-gluten bread flour. (Ordinary plain flour actually… Read More ›