Take that, cephalopodophiles


Andy sings a song of praise for the strong-stomached Melbourne Museum volunteers who braved a particularly malodorous exhibit – the dissection of a 550 pound giant squid:

Members of the audience were seen covering their noses and mouths and retching at the gawd-awful stench.

This post is not about them. This post is about the poor museum volunteers, the hardy souls who showed the members of the public around, explained what was going to happen, and led them to their seats. Raise your glass to …

the super calamari giblet exhibition docents.

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  1. *groans and laughs helplessly*
    I should be immune to bad puns by now – I have a father who makes them, a partner who makes them (and *his* father is just as bad), and I make enough of them myself. But that one is punful.

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