Friday News Links Dump

  • shark-gaff.jpgIt’s all over the TV news here in Australia this morning, though I can’t find video online, but here’s a picture gallery of the Amazing Shark Rescue Mission, where the marine scientists from the Gold Coast’s Sea World park led a team from the NSW Fishing Department and the Byron Bay Marine Park Authority to remove a fishing gaff stuck down the throat of a grey nurse shark (one of our many endangered shark species). More pictures (in what appears to unfortunately be essentially random rather than narrative order) at the Gold Coast Bulletin.
  • The story is far more prosaic than the headline suggests, but would any country other than Australia and possibly New Zealand actually use this as a news heading: Man sorry for making a dick of himself
  • San Francisco computer engineer locks down computer access to the city’s computer network – talk about a BOFH.
  • Tasmanian Devils, a species threatened with extinction by an infectious facial cancer, appear to have adapted somewhat through the females displaying earlier sexual maturation, mating and breeding. [link] This should give scientists a few more generations than they expected to find a cure for the disease, and is believed “to be the first known case of an infectious disease leading to increased early reproduction in a mammal”.
  • Many regret career choices: survey

    Among the key findings of the survey, 71 per cent of Australians wished they had studied further while 48 per cent wished they had studied something totally different.

    Another 16 per cent said they chose the wrong career, while 25 per cent were still unsure about their career choice.

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