So, the hols are nearly over

Lauredhel and I will have more time for the bloggings next week! I’d like to thank the marvellous Guest Hoydens who contributed posts over the last few weeks:

The prolific Fuck Politeness
Ricky Buchanan

Why not peruse our full archive of Guest Hoyden postings?

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  1. Aw thanks tigtog. To be honest with all your blogging I couldn’t quite tell when holidays began and ended for you and Lauredhel, you two are really something of the multitasking miracle working variety. I had another post ready to go and guest here and then I saw all yours and I thought “umm maybe her holidays are over?” Haha. Anyway, thank you for having me. Welcome back.

  2. And what a marvellous mob they are!

  3. bluemilk, you’re always welcome to cross-post!

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