Month: January 2009

The Inauguration Will Be LiveBlogChatted

Edit 20 Jan: Just bumping this up as a reminder. Are there any more regular/known-to-me Hoydenizens willing to be added as panellists? The upside, for you, is that your comments will be put through to the liveblogchat window immediately. The downside is that I’ll ask you to help with approving guest comments through. If you can only be there for part of it, that’s fine too.

Cool Science: Carnivorous sea squirt and ocean spiders


A join Australian/US research expedition has discovered a multitude of new deep-sea species in the Tasman Fracture Zone, southwest of Tasmania. The 30 cm sea spiders I could do without knowing about, but check out some of the other marine life they’ve photographed with their submersible robot.