Inauguration Live!

We’re having a live Presidential Inauguration chat session here, from 12:30 am Perth time (GMT +9). Come and join in!

If you’re trying to access streaming from a US-only site from outside the US, Hotspot Shield can help. This C-span coverage is supposed to work globally. For a list of other streaming sites, check out this post at Web TV Hub (cheers to David Paris for the pointer).

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  1. Hey Lauredhel
    Crikey had a nice wrap this arvo about online coverage: – I’m nerding out on C-Span now from the Blue Mountains with no drama. Now for nap for a few hours!

  2. Liveblogging confuses my wee little lady brain (plus, I must go to class soon, so have no real time to participate.
    That aside, did you all read Bishop Gene Robinson’s invocation yesterday?
    Bless us from mere tolerance, replacing it with genuine respect…”
    It made me all weepy – and I do not believe in god.
    Thought I would share, since I don’t know how much coverage it’s getting.

  3. Athiests got a hat tip, gimps didn’t this time round. {pout}
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Black man sworn in as US President

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