Month: February 2009

A soupçon of good, a whole mess of lazy “advice”

For once here’s some relationship advice which talks about the way the men and women are TRAINED from an early age to act differently in response to life’s annoyances and pains. That’s a refreshing change from all those articles which try and paint gender-differences in emotional responses as being due to innate genetic XX vs XY differences.

Troll-Off: Poll results

Many thanks to those who voted in our inaugural Troll-Off competition. Troll-Off Results: ~~~ Gold Medal, with 35% of the vote: No. 7, A. “god is punishing them for imbred sodomy” Lavey. Lavey may have had the advantage of topicality… Read More ›

Project Steve hits #1000

Enter one of my favourite creationist-countering initiatives: the USA-based National Centre for Science Education (NCSE) created Project Steve many years ago now, as a response to the people who asked them for a list of actual scientists who do support evolution.

Whoydensday: Fanvids!

O, video editing software, how I love thee so! Actually, I have very little skill with video editing software, nor do I have the time to acquire such skills, but fortunately, there are plenty of people with an abundance of… Read More ›