Thursday Cheezburger

cat next to a human skeleton saying BURP


sunrise too quick for Dracu-cat, ginger cat with fangs trapped in sunbeam

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15 replies

  1. I love the ‘eyebrows’ on this one:
    more animals

  2. I loved that burp one too. 🙂
    I was also rather fond of een old contree, we no haz cheezburger.
    more animals
    But the transphobia and misogyny present in the preceding image made me angry–women, esp. transwomen are neutered men, apparently >:(. Not cool, ICHC.

  3. This one makes me laugh… (delurking myself here).
    more animals

  4. Hi Selene, and welcome. Would you please link to the page the image is on? I can’t do anything with a bare image. Thanks.

  5. @ Lauredhel:
    I ended up hunting Selene’s pic down, but it was a bit of a pain! The page would be a lot easier next time.

  6. P.S. Selene, it was a bloody good choice of pic though. Looking forward to your future choices!

  7. @Mindy – I will be laughing for days about that one.

  8. Here’s mine:
    more animals

  9. hee! I’m also finding that I can’t get the Groucho LOLcat out of my head.

  10. LOLcombo
    see more puppies

  11. Eeep, my bad. Am fak, so short on hands! 🙂 Still, tis funny…

  12. That first one looks just like my cat…

  13. Groucho Marx kitteh! – gotta luv.
    My last kitteh was a Scottish Fold like the one in Selene’s. With Ceiling Cat now *sniff*.
    Oldie but a goodie:Disapproving Rabbit for Robert Frost fans.

  14. The one with the huge eyebrows is amazing. You’d never get tired of looking at that cat.
    skepticlawyer’s last blog post..The Chicago Tea Party

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