Troll-Off: Poll results

trolloffMany thanks to those who voted in our inaugural Troll-Off competition.

Troll-Off Results:


Gold Medal, with 35% of the vote: No. 7, A. “god is punishing them for imbred sodomy” Lavey. Lavey may have had the advantage of topicality pushing him up the ratings.

In the Silver position comes number 1, Iain “leftard! Femnazi!” Hall, with 22% of the votes.

And trailing with the Bronze, number 2, kitsune_baka_ “comically brain-dead uppity fucks” _hentai with only 17% of the votes.


The prize is, erm … *fumbles* There is no prize to speak of. Just a collective feminist razzzzberry from the Hoyden crowd.

And lastly, we have a very special mention for John Doe for adding “feminist pasties” to our delicious feminist cookbook.

Thank you all for participating in our first Troll-Off, and stay tuned for the next edition!

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6 replies

  1. For a prize, may I suggest a pillar of salt?

  2. A large egg of which to suck on?
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..My, isn’t Sean Delonas in possession of a cutting-edge wit?

  3. Perhaps the prize should be a quick glance by Hoydens through the home blogs (or comments on other blogs) of the medallists, and producing a set of best- worst-of snippets for collective aedification and amusement.
    Dave Bath’s last blog post..Better than a lynching

  4. Enjoyed the troll off comp, even though my pick didn’t win! Fun way to deal with your trolls. Now I think I’ll sit down and enjoy myself a cuppa (with a feminist pasty on the side).

  5. Speech! Speech!
    *gets eggs ready*
    Michelle’s last blog post..It’s snowing outside.


  1. Troll-Off! Vote now for your favourite troll. — Hoyden About Town
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