A glimpse into my head

Chally’s been playing with Wordies. I had a bit of a play, and thought I’d give you a quick peek into my Unfinished Drafts & Rough Ideas folder.

Click through for a larger version, and feel free to post Wordies from your own blog or elsewhere.

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  1. What, no Doctor Who?

  2. How did you get it to examine stuff that isn’t in the last 10-20 items on your blog feed? Or did you copy the text from each post you had saved?

  3. I copied and pasted, amandaw.

  4. Okay, so now I want to know who this Ginny is 🙂

  5. I’ve made one here. It’s a little disconcerting seeing some words pop-up. Evidently I write a bit about work and cake, as well as women, people and cake.

  6. What about cake, Deborah? Do you write about that? 😉

  7. Only twice, Chally. 🙂 Seemingly it occupies a large space inside my head. This is a little puzzling, because I don’t each much cake myself. Unless it’s those little custard / vanilla creme filled tarts with fresh fruit on top. Yum. I can eat two or three of those in one sitting.

  8. Oh, I am very much into those things, Deborah. Yummy.
    I made y’all a special hoydenish one. Not a cake, I’m afraid, but with the words!

  9. I like seeing both “feminism” and “parents” there.

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