Otterday! And Open Thread.

For no particular reason, today is meerkatday instead of otterday. Three baby meerkats were recently born at the Belfast Zoo. [Via.]


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I haz new netbook bag, several new books, and am about to start playing with latest Creative Suite software. Huzzah for birthdays!

  2. In birthday downsides, the other night I got very agitated when I heard some movie maven on the radio refer to Natalie Miller as the female lead in “Rebel Without A Cause” when enny fule kno it is actually Natalie Wood, and because I was driving somewhere and running a little late I couldn’t phone them up and correct the guy.
    I was heading off into definite “harrumph” territory. Signing off as “Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells” cannot be far away.

  3. Happy Birthday Tigtog!! What books did you get?

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Oh hey, birthdays are awesome! I hope you had two whole cakes!
    I wasted my entire bloody day because Karen linked to T.V. tropes without warning. I would kill her, but at least I didn’t get tired and want to nap at 3. I am going to die of something once school starts and I have to get up in the morning.

  6. @ Bookgirl,
    A Book Of Endings – Deborah Biancotti
    a newish edition of Tank Girl
    Black Juice – Margo Lanagan
    Little Brother – Cory Doctorow
    Mr Darwin’s Incredible Shrinking World – Peter Macinnis
    How to ditch your fairy – Justine Larbalestier (signed)
    Exile’s Honor – Mercedes Lackey
    I also got a blast from the past – boxed DVD set of Carl Sagan’s TV series Cosmos.
    *happy sigh*
    eta: thanks for the wellwishes, all!

  7. Happy birthday, Tigtog!
    The meerkats are awesome. ❤ meerkats.
    I seem to be almost over two weeks of flu. Celebration.

  8. I would love to hear your thoughts on How to ditch your fairy. I’m debating buying it for a friend. 🙂
    I’m pretty sure I’ve read Exile’s Honour – that’s the one about Albreicht, right?

    • @Anna,
      sure, I’ll let you know what I think! I’m very interested in Larbalestier after the recent controversy about cover art for another of her books (and so glad for her that it’s come out the way that she wants for future editions). And yes, the Valdemar book is the one about Alberich. First in a duology.
      @Jet and @Anna,
      Yay for wellness also! I’ve had a horrible winter and am thoroughly enjoying the spring boost, and thanks for the birthday wishes, all of you.

  9. Happy Birthday, Tigtog!
    And yay for wellness, Jet! I seem to have spent most of this year ill, or hovering on the edge of ill. It’s annoying (as ma tweeps can testify to!)

  10. how do I get so fucking wiped out just from sitting in a booth for three hours out for dinner with work friends? I took two *full* painkillers. For that three hours. And I spent the last hour slackfaced and slumping and my husband prodding me every so often with a concerned look on his face, wanting to know if I was OK.

    I feel so fucking pathetic.

    • {{{{ @amandaw }}}}
      @su, good news on the job. I hear you on the years flying by bit – I’m sure I only bought those kids home from hospital a month ago, how’d they get so dang big?

  11. Happy Birthday, Tigtog!
    I’m having a “why do the years fly by so fast” moment. *Sigh* because brain now processing muuuccch slllowwwer. Dang.
    Haz (second) short term job. I signed a contract on Friday. Very excited to be doing something in advocacy. Bit worried by the juggling of caring and job responsibilites, but glass half full not empty, must remember that.

  12. Happy birthday Tigtog!

    how do I get so fucking wiped out just from sitting in a booth for three hours out for dinner with work friends?

    Three whole hours! That’s awesome. Did you manage to get some pre-emptive rest in beforehand?

  13. Yay birthday! Happy Birthday, tigtog! *throws e-confetti*
    *hugs amandaw*
    I got pictures from a nude shoot I did last Saturday, so I’m pleased. Although wondering if I may be playing in with the ‘thin is in’ problem =/
    Also had to deal with an ugly, exoticising troll over at cycads’ place.

  14. Amanadaw, do your drugs have sleepy effects? I know for Don taking meds can sometimes turn him into Zombie!Don, depending on if he’s eaten enough, and recently.

  15. Happy Birthday Tigtog! I hope you had / are still having a wonderful day!
    And lots of cake!

  16. You got Cosmos? Ooo, nice. Hippo Birdies tigtog.
    If this is a Meerkat thread, then I guess any mention of car insurance is banned…

  17. Happy birthday ms. tog!

    Three whole hours! That’s awesome. Did you manage to get some pre-emptive rest in beforehand?

    I know! I just feel like: All I was doing physically was sitting at a table, why did it drain me so much?
    Of course I know that even that is inaccurate; physically, I was dealing with low and uneven lights, constant changing noise, unpredictable scents and odors, and the actual facial movements involved in talking, laughing, smiling, directing my attention at someone. And in addition, I had to stay attentive and alert, process all these signals, pick out what one person was saying amid all the din, take in the words, figure out what they meant, figure out how to respond, etc. etc.
    It just took so much out of me. It’s rare I’m out for three hours at all, but I thought “Oh, no standing or walking, so it won’t be a problem.” If only.

  18. Happy B-Day Tigtog

  19. *hugs Amandaw* You need to give yourself more credit, my friend.
    It’s raining cats and dogs here, but we got out and I bought books! Two of them! And made a list of books I want. The indy political bookstore here has a children’s book called The Black Book of Color. The copy shown in the link is Spanish, I believe, but they had it in English. Basically, it’s a picture book done with braille, with a translation on the bottom. It has raised pictures instead of full colour, and I just covet it like you wouldn’t believe. I want to buy copies for all my friends with kids in that age group. I have no idea if ~2o$ CDN is a lot for a picture book.
    But I bought Julia Child’s My Life In Paris instead, which I am adoring. I want to be Julia Child when I grow up.

  20. Happy Birthday, tigtog. All the best! *hugs*

  21. Belated Happy Birthday. Hope it was a good one.

  22. Regular commenter at LP demonstrates spontaneous language awareness. Colour me pleasantly surprised.

  23. GMail’s down! oh noes. At least it makes me feel better about not having a server running another site as it should have done over the last few days when even Google can fuck it up.

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