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I have installed a new feature which is supposed to allow us all to edit comments for 5 minutes after they are published, the idea being that one can refresh the page to see if someone else said pretty much the same thing whole one was composing one’s own comment. Then one can alter one’s comment to say something else friendly, amusing or perspicacious instead of repeating a point that’s already been made. If it matters (it won’t always).

Please, everyone – just post a short comment below and then see if you can edit it to add something and have it update properly. I just want to check that this is working for everyone, not just for admins.

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  1. If you are in Canberra, and haven’t checked out community radio ArtSound at 92.7 FM you should, as Molly Meldrum says, do yourself a favour.

  2. The kids are loving Simon’s Cat. Thanks Helen for the link.

  3. Can’t see an edit button or anything. What am I supposed to do to edit? /impatient Mindy

  4. If I could see an edit button, I’d have fixed that shabby link 😉

    • OK, I played with a couple of settings that might perhaps have been labelled less ambiguously in an ideal world – try again?

  5. What’s brown and sticky?
    A stick!! (aka, successful alteration of comment)

  6. Okey dokey. My cousin, 25 weeks pregant with twins conceived via IVF due to PCOS, decided that airfares to the US were too cheap to pass up. She’s had the babies in New York. Fortunately, they had $2.5 million insurance. No doubt they’ll use it all. Going as well as can be expected after a week, although her husband will be sent home after 90 days, and she might be too.

  7. Nah, no edit button – where should I be looking.

  8. Lets try again before I give in to the demands to watch Simon’s cat again.

  9. No. I might log out and login again using my wordpress id and see if that makes any difference. Are you using Open ID Zoe?

    Twins in New York! That will be a great birth story.

  10. It will be most annoying if the edit comments button doesn’t work for everybody.

  11. Using wordpress ID and not seeing it. 😦

  12. Okay, I’m also using Firefox so I might try IE in a minute. At least this has taken my mind off going to the shops for Magnums.

  13. I’m really tired, it’s 4:30 in the morning, and every time the damned mouse moves and I catch it out of the corner of my eye, I think it’s a rat.

  14. Nope. Off to try IE.

  15. No, I see no edit button, woe.

    Also, do people who subscribe to post get your original comment, or the editted, or both?

    • Woe indeed!
      Wondering what witchy ways that WildlyP is using to have managed to edit her comment now…
      eta: I suspect that subscribers might get the original, which is imperfect, but if I can get this working it’s still a good thing.

  16. Nope. Still nothing. Although it asked me to confirm my open ID when I logged in using wordpress login. Who knows. *throws hands into air at incomprehensibility of technology*
    Can’t sleep Anna?

  17. I haz magic fingers?
    Well, it’s good to know I still have ‘em. I’m in FF, on OSX, if it helps…
    Also, I shall have you all know that with this power, I shall rooooollll da world!! 😉
    Especially if the amount of time I have to edit my comment keeps going up… I’m on 8 minutes now?
    Yay! I am no longer alone in rooling da world. Welcome, Empress Jet…

  18. I love the weather in Melbourne today. Perfect for staying indoors and …
    … learning how to edit comments, yes! Working for me in Firefox 3.0.13, signed in via OpenID.
    OMG! The timer is very, very cool.

  19. I feel like I’m standing in front of one of those 3D posters with everyone around me talking about how clever the image is and I’m the only one who can see it. Still maybe it will work during business hours *ahem*

  20. This comment has not been edited – yet.

  21. Huh, weird; I think the timer is playing up? I had 5 mins left to edit in (after it jumped up to 8), then I refreshed and the whole edit thing went away…
    FYI, Tigtog, and you probably know this, but we’ve got 10 minutes from first posting to edit in, according to my current clock?
    I kinda like the way this can make me seem omniscient too. Handy for world-rooling 😉
    Nope, I refreshed and can still edit, TT…

    • Hm, I adjusted the timer to give us 10 minutes instead of 5 while we are playing around with it. I also dropped a Java thingy to see if that made more people able to see the link, but perhaps that took the refresh and still have edit link capability away?

  22. This is a comment I wrote and then edited.


  23. Upgraded to latest FF. Starting to wonder if it is the dinosaur computer?

  24. Would someone mind posting an image of what it should look like? I’m not above believing that it could be there all along and I’m just missing it.

  25. If this comment still says this, then I haven’t managed to edit it either.

  26. Thanks WP. Definitely not seeing that.

  27. I hope you didn’t give up on the Magnums idea, Mindy.

  28. Unable to edit to add that now I want one too. Boo on both counts.

  29. I have an irrational need to make this comment amusing….
    Nope, nothing funny to say, but I *can* edit!
    And the edit option remains after refreshing.
    In fact, I can even navigate to another HAT page, come back and still edit. I’m using FF on OSX too.

  30. I can write, but I can’t edit. /regina spektor

    • Silly plugin not working for everybody, how unutterably bothersome! I may have to sit down with some P&P to relieve my nerves.

  31. I’ve seen it working elsewhere

  32. Hmm, no edit link for me, but it was waiting for moderation so that might make it different. One thing to check, perhaps – the ones I’ve seen elsewhere do require Javascript to be enabled to work, so if you have a browser that doesn’t support Javascript, has it turned off, or you’re using Firefox’s NoScript and haven’t white-listed, that would make it disappear.

    • @cim

      One thing to check, perhaps – the ones I’ve seen elsewhere do require Javascript to be enabled to work, so if you have a browser that doesn’t support Javascript, has it turned off, or you’re using Firefox’s NoScript and haven’t white-listed, that would make it disappear.

      I’m not sure how many of our readers have played around with Firefox extensions etc, but that’s a good point to keep in mind.

  33. I just bought somewhere around $50 worth of nibbly foods. That’s a touch worrying.
    They were very high class nibblies.
    And yes, I have 10 mins editing time, counting down somewhat in Microsoft minutes.

  34. I did give up on the Magnums. It was dinner time, then it got dark and it all got too hard and I might go to the shops tomorrow.

  35. I was out and about during all of this, and I bought Magnums – six pack of new extra dark choccie minis.
    And I’m not sharing – sorry!! And this nifty editing feature even works in my clunky old FF 1.0.4 browser! (On a clunker of a computer running Linux.)
    And as a sometimes slow and uncoordinated typist, I love the 10 minutes to edit in, very disability-friendly. 🙂
    This is fabulous, plenty of time to be as anal retentive as I want to be. 😀
    (Four edits plus the original post)

    • I can write and I can edit 🙂

      And when you edited, you went to the mod queue as well! Why only you and pharoah-katt (so far) I wonder?

  36. P.S. for those who can see the edit link, if you click on the “more options” in the overlay editing window, you can edit your name or your URL as well.

  37. Why only you and pharoah-katt (so far) I wonder?
    They both have URLs as usernames – perhaps it’s the slashes?
    Editing to test that theory: .

    • That could be it, Jet. Something to do with OpenIDs which use the blogger’s URL.
      (eta) Another thought: if not everybody can edit comments, that suggests that one needs to indicate clearly an edited comment in case one is responded to by someone who (a) only saw one’s original comments and (b) doesn’t have the optimal browser configuration for leaving editing comments oneself. Otherwise they may respond to the original and then be bewildered to refresh the page and find an altered comment.

  38. Testing the edit function (after drinking a few glasses of wine while watching a movie with the kids, so anything could happen).
    (Edited to say)
    It worked! It worked!
    Using Firefox on a Mac, with an as firefox intended installation, with no bells and whistles added, nor anything disabled bar pop-ups, and my HaT login (c/f Open ID). Plus the “More Options” appeared too.
    Very spiffy.

  39. Yay for Magnums!

    And I can edit, also yay.

  40. It looks like only the editted comments show up in email.

  41. As always, late to the party, but I’ll try to edit this to say something witty (FF 3.5.2, scripts allowed, popups blocked).

  42. Nope, no editing, and CommentLuv didn’t pick up my last garden report either.

    • I’m going to post a link to this thread in the support forums for the plug-in, and we’ll see what the developer suggests.
      Although it’s interesting that Comment-Luv didn’t work for Alice – perhaps they conflict? I’ll just go and disable comment-luv and see if more people can see the edit link.

  43. Trying this again after disabling a couple of browser addons…

  44. …and still no edit option appears. I guess that wasn’t the problem.

  45. Good morning all. Just turned off something to see if editing will work now.

  46. Morning all.

  47. Oh hey, has that “share this post” always been there?

    • Hi Anna – this styling for share this post has been there for quite a few weeks now (I used to use a plugin with lots of options/symbols, this option is manual code addition with simpler options).

  48. trying again, cos it didn’t seem to work this morning

  49. Nope. I don’t seem to be able to edit. 😦

  50. I can haz edit?

  51. I no can haz edit.
    I’ve logged in on Firefox, no plug ins, no hyperlink to my blog, and I don’t see any editing buttons. Tis mystifying.

  52. Hey, I shall try this again.

    So, anyone else seen the CoCo Chanel biopic? The direction is very awful.

  53. Oh, I meant to say, comment luv worked for me…
    But of course I forgot to tick the box this time to see if it would work. Sigh. But at least editing comment still does!

  54. trying comment love as well. It’s saying something about cupcakes.

  55. But no love, and no editing.

  56. Tested and corrected on IE7 with Windows:
    I know what you’re thinking. Did he eat six ice-creams, or only five? Well to tell you the truth, in all of this excitement, I’ve kinda forgotten myself. But being that this is a .44 Magnum, the coldest ice-cream in the world, that’ll ice-cream headache your head clean off, the question you’ve got to ask yourself is: do I feel lucky?
    Well, do ya? Punk?

    Although the technology does raise the spectre of people disagreeing with each other pre-emptively, and getting the last word in beforehand.

  57. Sales of magnums skyrocketed this weekend …

  58. Nope, doesn’t like me *coughduringbusinesshourscough* either.

  59. It hatesesss me it does.

  60. I was thinking that, Liam. Or insulting someone then taking it back…
    And comment luv inna workin’ for me…

  61. Bother these things not working properly! V. v. annoying.
    However, while we’re on the topic of comments customising, I’ve added a link to the comments feed just below the email subscription link for those who’ve left a comment. It’s a bit slower than the currently not working email sub without commenting, but it will send you any updates when the feed refreshes (every hour or so).

  62. hehe cool free comments 🙂 oh that’s right comments are already free 😦

  63. nope someting is wrong it doesn’t like my open ID login 😦

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