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  • Accessibility and Sydney’s public transport: knowing where you’re going

    One thing that I particularly enjoy when I visit another place is figuring out how to use the public transport system. I like the fact that I can figure it out – that the tools provided are tools I am able to use. Some of the tools which are commonly available (sometimes online) are: timetables and route maps, route diagrams at stations/stops and in the relevant vehicle, stop announcements (visual and audio), signs at stations/stops.

    Perhaps it’s ironic, but I think that Sydney is one of the worst places I’ve been when it comes to figuring that sort of thing out. This has a serious impact on the accessibility of our public transport.

  • Wins and losses – the prosecution of sexual violence

    A tale of two legal systems.

    In each legal system, there is a woman has been sexually assaulted.

    Each woman is subjected to some sort of abuse by the person who is supposed to be prosecuting the sexual assault.

    The similarities end there.