Decisions, decisions

Naomi Robson and her filmcrew have been arrested by the Indonesians for trying to enter Papua illegally on a tourist visa (instead of the required working journalist visa). Since this offence has nothing to do with drugs, she is likely to be fined and deported rather than imprisoned for any long period. She may even not go near a prison proper at all.

She will presumably have to go to court. So, what will she do when it’s her time to face the hanging judges of Indonesia? She is sure to have noticed which attractive Australian woman was sent home recently and which one was not. So will she go the burkha or the blub?

UPDATE: Thanks to phil in comments, I now know that there is a full-on tabloid-TV war – the Seven network is accusing the Nine network of setting Robson up! It’s building up to lawyers at ten paces.

(P.S. Is it irredeemably awful of me to have the sort of brain that fires up the earworm that sings the "Ding! Dong!" song from the Wizard of Oz as soon as I read the news?)
(P.P.S. for the fortunate foreigners who don't know who Ms Robson is, Flashman has a fabulous sample of her work at Electron Soup.)

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  1. Dunno about the burkha or the blub, TT; I imagine she is better positioned than most to go the bribe.

  2. Too true, and typically crass.
    Isn’t it just delicious (pun intended) that the story Seven sends her after to bolster some journo cred is all about cannibals?

  3. I loved this story – my favourite comments on it so far today have been that there must have been some shonky builders in Papua, or she is investigating the newest in fad diets – cannibalism and mangoes!!

  4. According to TT tonight, it’s all Ch 9’s fault! Won’t it be wonderful when that peabrain Coonan gets the new media rules through and we get less diversity? Oh brave new world, etc etc.

  5. Awful, but not irredeemable 🙂 There’s is apparently a tabloid war over what really happened over there.
    It says something about tabloid culture that Naomi has become the story and the Indonesian boy is only useful as a self-righteous defense.

  6. Er, on rereading I must clarify that it was not Pavlov’s Cat I was referring to as typically crass.

  7. When my partner handed me the morning paper he struggled to get the words out right: “Naomi Robson’s been caught trying to impersonate a journalist, I mean, a tourist”.
    It’s so good of her to do what she can to get the lack of free press (for why else would they have gone on tourist visas?) in West Papua back on the front pages. It’s just a shame that no one much is acknowledging that as the real issue.

  8. That’s a very good point, Kate. The whole thing has become such a circus that the free speech issue is entirely lost.
    Interestingly but not surprisingly, from reading about the original Wa-Wa reportage, the boy is in absolutely no danger in the town he currently lives in, close to the tribal boundaries and assimilated away from older tribal traditions, which is why his uncle took him there. It was only back at his remote original treehouse village that he was suspected of sorcery in the deaths of his parents and in danger of being therefore ritually eaten, and he was in no danger of being eaten until he was considered grown (14-15) anyway.
    So the whole rescue mission was utterly unnecessary at this point of time anyway.

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