Why oh why do people want to pry?

That is the moan of TomKat in Vanity Fair about the prurient curiosity regarding their baby. As the NYT points out, when you announce your romance on TV by jumping on Oprah’s couch, announce your engagement at a press conference, and pose tits-and-teeth-out endlessly on red carpets before the pregnancy became inelegant, the public becomes conditioned to a photo-opportunity parade through your lives and is surprised and jonesing for a fix when the media circus ends as soon as the baby arrives. Of course there were going to be rumours about the oh-so-seekrit child!

All the speculation could have been cut off by releasing a simple snapshot of the parents and the new baby as soon as she plumped out from the neonatal wrinklies, like every other celebrity does. The NYT makes this point when noting just how desperate this latest effort seems, so over-hyped that Suri’s! First! Photo! was announced on the US national news.

It’s almost as desperate as Mr. Cruise’s recent apology to Brooke Shields (offered just in time for her to mention it on the “Tonight” show) for his public attacks on her use of antidepressants. What he really needs to do is ask his former publicist, Pat Kingsley, to forgive him for firing her and take him back. He needs somebody on his side who can convince the public that he knows the difference between a celebrity photo shoot and real life, whether he actually knows the difference or not.

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  1. Some of the American media were starting to say that if Tom didn’t release a photo of Suri soon, interest would wane and he would lose the best moment for a big media story.

  2. Sounds about right. Pat Kingsley would have nipped it all in the bud months ago. Family loyalty is all well and good, but his sister has been a total disaster as a publicist (not that bizarro-Tom would be easy for any publicist to spin).

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