Boycotting the Devine boo-hiss M.

Fuck Miranda Devine. I will no longer read or link to any column the shrill harpy writes.

To understand why she has finally reached my fuck-off threshold, read this smack-down of her recent column on Cyclone Larry victims.(hat-tip to Crikey!)

For any brave bloggers willing to flense their eyeballs reading Devine and excoriating her idiocies, goodonyer and I will link to any particularly illuminating rebuttals or fisks of her work. But I’m not going to subject even my peripheral vision to any ads the SMH has got up on a page featuring MD’s writing.

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  1. Deswine:”The endless whingeing is a reflection on an affluent consumer culture in which people have come to expect that everything they want can be delivered in 30 seconds piping hot and preferably free if they only scream loud enough.”Projecting much, Miranda?I reckon this line from the smackdown says plenty: “Miranda Devine has adopted the US Extreme Right’s viewpoint of the Hurricane Katrina victims here.”[By the way, vis a vis the “If you can’t see a picture on the blog banner, you’re probably using Internet Explorer. What a shame.” in your sidebar, if you know why and don’t care, I’m okay with that, but if you want to fix it, just stick a space after the closing-paren here: “…/emmapeelbooks1.jpg”)bottom right…”]

  2. Thank you for the code-wrangling! Why should anyone miss out on those fabulous boots?

  3. Indeed.I didn’t want to ignore the possibility you were making a statement. (It’s Microsoft ignoring the principal of “transmit strict but accept promiscuous”, or words to that effect.)Picked up a 24-ep site of Peel-era Avengers from the library a couple of months ago. Only got through the first 8 before I had to return them – will have to get them again. I was surprised how much I remembered from seeing them… ahh, the Venusian Society.Spoiled myself over Christmas with the complete Prisoner.

  4. Who was your favorite No.2?I should chase that down for Mr Tog. And how can I raise my kids properly without instilling the proper fear of featureless white spheres?

  5. On reflection, I’d have to say Leo McKern.

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