Packer lacked respect for women – is anybody surprised?

Stephen Mayne, in today’s Crikey! , dishes some dirt on the long-rumored philandering of Kerry Packer and his serial string of alleged mistresses over the years and ties it up in a bow of anecdotes detailing KP’s utter lack of respect for women in general. He then ends it, oddly, with:

Where are Australia’s feminists in this debate? You won’t see them tackling the issue in any ACP publications but surely Fairfax and News Ltd columnists will have a crack once the dust has settled. And what about a female politician having the courage to get up and say something in one of our Parliaments? Too afraid of the backlash from a still awesomely powerful media empire, are we?

I’m not sure exactly what he wishes feminists to say about the big dead tax-minimiser. I doubt you’ll see any feminists leaping to defend his misogyny in any way, and there’s been plenty of stuff written over the years about the boys’ club at PBL under the reins of the sexist arsehole dynasty. Apart from that, what is there to be said and in what debate?

A female journalist already outed his mistress, which was more a blow for prurience than feminism. What good would a rant or two about KP’s sexism do? I’m all for female pollies getting up and having a stoush with the blokes about corporate and other institutional patriarchy if it’s going to gain women something useful, but would just mouthing off about KP as an MCP be forwarding any particular legislative agenda?

Mayne’s query makes no sense.

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