Today in someone is wrong on the internet

Clicking through my favourite feminist blogs this morning I came across an interesting comment left by well lets call him Alphaboy (naturally on a post that had nothing whatsoever to do with his comment). Alphaboy (not his real name) is very concerned about throat cancers. Not just any throat cancer but ones caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Not just any throat cancers caused by HPV but specifically the ones in men. (Can you see where this is heading? [ha! unintentional pun]).  HPV throat cancers are believed to be primarily caused by oral sex.

Alphaboy’s solution to this is to circumcise all women by removing the clitoris. All women. To protect all the menz. I’m not sure where he stands on clitoris owners who aren’t women. I don’t think his response would be pretty.  Never mind that easy little vaccine that can take care of the HPV strains that cause the majority of throat cancers. Never mind women who will never be with a man. Never mind all the men who catch HPV from other men. Never mind the women who catch it from men. Never mind the clitoris owners who don’t identify as women. Or the women who aren’t planning on sexual contact with anyone. No. They are not important. The important thing is that a manly man like Michael Douglas got throat cancer from HPV because he went down on too many women. So all women (and presumably anyone with a clitoris) must be punished made safe just in case.  Because if ever a man wants to go there (although without a clitoris???) then you can’t expect him to do anything sensible like provide barriers to avoid transmission of STI’s.

I’m not going to link to his blog. I think if you need to call yourself Alpha anything then dude, really, you aren’t an Alpha.

ETA: I should also have acknowledged that female circumcision (also known as FGM) is an issue for clitoris owners, many of whom are POC (if not all?),  in many places where people do more than just write shit on the internet. I apologise for this omission.

As mentioned in comments Alphaboy might be an opponent of male circumcision. That I can get on board with. I think that people with foreskins should be left alone to make their own decisions in the fullness of time. If, as adults or teens who have had time to consider the options, they then choose to undergo cultural initiation, become a full member of a religious organisation or whatever good for them.

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  1. That’s almost magically wrong, though. It’s as though he actually sat down and went “how many ways can I be wrong about this without being completely off topic” and tried a whole bunch of things until he finally came up with this. It’s like the US fixing the problem of unwanted pregnancy by imposing a theocracy. In fact, probably very like, in that the real problem he’s trying to solve is not the one he’s talking about.
    My solution is to buy more bicycles for the fish.
    Gamma Rabbit (credit Scalzi)

  2. I haven’t seen the article, but my initial thought was that it’s an anti-male-circumcision activist trying to make a point, badly.

  3. I had a quick look at his website and I think you are probably right, but also MRA. If you wanted to check for yourself And*e has left the comment up.

  4. I thought it was going to “ban oral sex for those nasty gays” or something. Long as I’ve been reading misogynist rantings, I still wasn’t expecting that one.

  5. I went down that rabbithole. The reference to “A Modest Proposal” makes me think it’s a poor attempt at satire.
    The “About” page on the website links to what seems to be a PUA/Vanity publishing-promotional site.

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