Oh FFS OTD: stop oppressing dude boners with your yoga pants, you strumpets

A woman in practical yoga clothes is doing a handstand in the middle of the fruit/veg aisle at market - one leg rests backwards on the shopping trolley while the other leg is fully extended elegantly forwards

Try doing this in a frock | Image Credit: Orange Sky Yoga

The Frisky takes on a puerile piece from The Good Men’s ProjectThe Soapbox: Women Wear Yoga Pants Because They Are Comfortable, Not Because They Apparently Give You A Boner

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  1. Oh gods. I read things like this, and I keep thinking “yeah, and if I, in my 100kg-plus glory, showed up wearing yoga pants[1], my next appearance would be on something like People of Walmart” and it would contain comments about what a boner-killer it was seeing someone like me in something like that. Because it’s one thing if aesthetically correct women are wearing yoga pants. It’s quite another if fatty boombahs like myself are doing so. Thats just yuck, and horrible.
    [1] Assuming, of course, I could find any yoga pants in my size, since exercise wear does tend to be made almost exclusively for the size 8 – 14 bracket, and anyone over a size 16 is assumed to be a couch whale who doesn’t move if they don’t have to.

  2. Are yoga pants just like 3/4 length leggings are are they something special?

  3. Does anybody besides MRAs and other male supremacists take the Creepy Men Project seriously?

  4. @Bri: In my experience, the difference is the fabric, so yoga pants will be a lot softier/stretchier. They’re “fitting” but not “tight”, if that makes any sense.

  5. Yep, what QoT said. They also tend to have a very comfortable wide waistband and come with all those usual exercise-wear go-faster colour trimmings, and often flare out a little just below the knee so that they don’t hug the calves – this is often more flattering than leggings and makes them look more like proper trouserings.

  6. OMG. Women’s clothing can be sexy? Unintentionally? Excuse me while I reassess my attitude to freedom. /snark

  7. Once I got caught in a very heavy rain shower and ended up wearing my yoga pants for the rest of the day at the office. I guess no one got much work done that day.
    But that whole “Women are complicit here.” and ‘I have a hard time believing what women say’ is an old, old story. And not a nice one…

  8. +1 to what tigtog said – the waistband is one of the reasons I love my yoga pants. But I’ve worn them under work dresses and they’re pretty much indistinguishable from leggings. Unless I was accidentally exuding some kind of yoga-pant-vibe which destroyed my hetero male colleagues’ productivity for the day.

  9. One of the features of the GMP article was him complaining that his daughter and their friends are dressing too sexy. This seems to happen with great regularity no matter how actually seductive young women are — their friends’ dads (or their own dads) sometimes can’t stop staring at them.
    This is not a problem caused by the young women’s dress, attitude or activities. Contrary to his characterization, they are not dressing more sexy than they did when he was a young man. When I was a girl there were miniskirts and bralessness and tight clothing. Nothing new.
    He has only himself to blame for his fixation on them.

  10. I’m wondering if these men have never been to a strip club? (Oh, yes, that would probably revoke their membership of the “good men club”, unlike all the sexist irresponsible stuff they write on their web site). That is a place where you can see how women dress when they really care what random men think of their appearance, and want to look sexy to those men.
    Or are they so clueless they can’t tell the difference? Most of the men I know have had no trouble distinguishing a woman in lap dancer mode from a woman not so engaged, but then they’re also generally above a place like GMP.

  11. So yoga pants to turn blokes on, what pants do I wear to get taken seriously? /ridiculousness

  12. Actualy, in all seriousness, is there anywhere to get plus size yoga pants? I’m all for comfy pants that you can wear to work and no one notices the difference.

    • They’d probably still be at best a Casual Friday pair of pants, Mindy. But they’d be great for that.
      I have a few of the longer style yoga pants in plus size (they flare out and are full length) – pretty sure I got them at a Kmart or Big W or somewhere like that.

  13. It is always Casual Friday where I work (within reason) so I reckon I could get away with yoga pants. I will have to check out Target next time I’m shopping. Thanks.

  14. Leggings are not pants is not a particularly new meme/controversy. Eg:
    I used to get into trouble from my ex for dressing my daughter in leggings without anything else over them. But to me they look comfy and they’re practical clothing.
    I’d guess the male equivalent would be not wearing bike pants unless you’re actually riding a bike. And having to change out of them when you get to work (in places where the dress code is “try not to have holes in your clothing and have footwear of some kind on if there are important visitors around”.

  15. I took a look at yoga pants tonight after reading all this (had no idea what they were, before). Hmm … the ones I saw had massive seams on the inner thigh, and that means CHAFING CHAFING CHAFING for me. I think I’ll stick to my generally comfortable leggings, since I always have a skirt or long tunic over them anyway.

  16. Oh, and note to all blokes except my other half:
    I do not dress for you.
    I am not trying to look sexy for you.
    I am not trying to look not-sexy for you.
    You and your boners have no part in my world.

  17. Where I do yoga, ‘yoga pants’ tend to mean teeny, teeny, tight shorts, that barely pass the underwear test in my book. (I have resisted this fashion thus far!) But, more seriously, I suspect that this dude is using yoga pants as to mean all sorts of 3/4 length tight legging type items, usually worn for sport. One of the things I noticed when coming to Australia was how many women wore these for just daily life activities, and I think it struck me because it less common to see this in the UK (outside of a gym). Indeed, my sister and her friend have a joke about how yoga pants are the most flattering items in their wardrobes but they never get to wear them ‘out’.

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