Charity Signal Boost: Special Effect

Special Effect is a UK-based charity full of very clever people who develop work-arounds that allow people with a wide range of disabilities to play computer games. Sometimes they have also been involved in creating eye-controlled systems that help severely motion impaired people to create art such as music or choreography. Founder, Director, education specialist and driving force Dr Mick Donagen is a friend of mine, so I have been watching the amazing work they do for several years, and continue to be astonished by their inventiveness as much as their commitment.

At the moment they are promoting the work they have just done with Lee, who is a hard-core gamer with muscular atrophy that seemed like it was going to stop him playing, until Special Effect worked with him to create a solution. They are hoping that lots of people will watch this video of Lee explaining what it has meant to him.


Although this is a British charity, they are in communication with people all over the world, so if you have a disability that interferes with your chance to game, you should get in touch.

On their YouTube channel you can watch loads of examples of the different kinds of systems they have come up with to suit people’s individual needs.

You can go to their website for their profile and history, lots of case studies, and information about donating and fundraising.

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