Wot I did in Melbourne (by tigtog, age 45)

It was a work trip, reviewing comedy shows, so I was out every night doing exactly that. This meant that I missed a by all accounts legendary blogmeet on the Friday night – if I’d been organised enough to get a phone number or two I could have at least joined in the portion of it that rocked on after midnight, but who knew it was going to be that huge? Nabs will have to get me nissed as a pewt another time – maybe next year.

Sampler: from Ethics and Philosophy

Carrying on from Lauredhel’s idea of showcasing some memorable posts for visitors arriving via the Weblog Awards, I’ve chosen the Ethics and Philosophy category as my first showcase post because in so many ways it sums up a lot of what inspires me to write. I find it distressing that so much of our public discourse relies on laziness in terms of examining the ethics of proposed courses of action, and that so little attention is paid to the underlying logic and consistency (or lack thereof) contained in the philosophies that inform ideologies. Also, that so many people use the faceless nature of the Web to behave unethically.

How utterly bizarre

The Guidelines page has just disappeared. I edited it only last week, perhaps I did something weird, but it’s not there any more. It will be back sometime soon, but in the meantime apologies to anyone who was looking for… Read More ›


The spaminator (Akismet) seems to be having a spasm of false positives lately, with a few Hoydenizens landing there for no good reason that I can tell. If your comment totally disappears when you hit the SEND button (i.e. there… Read More ›


Sorry it’s so quiet around here, I am solving website difficulties for a client and don’t have time to blog!


I have been made aware, through another forum, of someone who thinks that being placed into permanent moderation on a blog constitutes “defamation”! *ded frum lulz*