Some weekend reading

Firstly, the obligatory funny picture: From ICHC Dave at Orcinus: If conservatives really, really hate being called fascists … #6 … then maybe they ought to quit talking like them. Suzanne Kleid at McSweeney: ABSTINENCE-ONLY DRIVER’S ED: stamping out unbridled… Read More ›

Plural term

for the H.A.T. commentariat: “hoydenizens”? Any better ideas? And what about a collective noun? A chortle of hoydenizens? A snark? A gimlet?

Always suspected it

Stephen Fry is a geek, and now he’s blogging. The first post is an (exhaustively) comprehensive review of the iPhone and its competitors, and his second post is on the nature of fame. They are long, which is why he… Read More ›

Urban Clown Posse, Avian Division

This morning, a pair of sulphur crested cockatoos decided that my neighbour’s citrus trees desperately needed pruning. They were chopping off branch-tips 30-40cm long, and throwing them into the air. Oranges and lemons were also snipped to plop noisily on… Read More ›