So who’s up for a grogblogmeet in Melbourne?

I’m there to play with a media pass for not-quite the first week of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, arriving Wednesday 1st and heading back Tuesday 7th.

Who’s up for booze and food somewhere on Saturday (4th) or Sunday (5th) lunchtime? Or does anyone have a more cunning plan?

My nights are pretty booked up (so many shows! eep!), and for the days I’m staying with a friend I haven’t seen since she moved down there three years ago who wants to take me to all her favourite haunts, but I could probably squeeze in a session or two of coffee and cake for those who are busy on the weekend.

A little bird on Facebook intimated that a certain blogger from Adelaide and a certain blogger from Canberra are also going to be visiting Dame Nellie Melbourne that weekend. True? We have to make sure we get together, don’t we?!

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  1. A sedate bit of afternoon grogblogging in Melbourne sounds darn fine to me.
    another outspoken female’s last blog post..boycott nandos

  2. @ another outspoken female:
    If any other Melbournites, or serendipitously simultaneous Melbourne visitors, want to meet up but would rather let me know by email, just hit the About page for the link. Facebook is fine too.

  3. I’m in – I’ll hold off suggestions for a venue until others who (cough) get out more have a chance to have their say 🙂

  4. Now I’m just wondering what to pack. Is this the time to dust off my British dressing habits, and do the layer thing to account for all weather variations?

  5. I could be in on the Sunday! Melbourne doesn’t seem to get that cold any more. Or maybe it’s just me with my excessive body heat.

  6. Grogblogging in Melbourne sounds splendid! If it is ok form of a semi-lurker to inveigle herself into the thick of hoydenity.

  7. @ genstar:
    Definitely! So long as you don’t mind it not being only hoydens – there are quite a few bloggers converging on Melbourne that weekend so a more general blogmeet is probably what will happen.

  8. Sounds grouse. My vote’s for the Sunday. We could all do a fun activity like set up shop in the temple and lend money to others.

  9. I like it when other people find reasons for me to procrastinate on assignments. Now I can procrastinate on finding other reasons to procrastinate.
    Life is hard…

  10. do the layer thing to account for all weather variations?
    Spot on. We’ve been a bit droughty, so don’t b0ther with anything very waterproof, just a small folding umbrella. The secret with Melbourne is the wind direction. Melbourne is either warm or pretty chilly to cold without much in between. This is because if the wind is blowing from the north, it’ll be mild and you might even be hot even in April, the evenings will be nice and warm. If the wind is from the south it’s coming straight from Antarctica. So check the weather every morning and pay as much attention to the wind direction as the temperature.
    I know this sounds anal retentive but if you are out most of the day and into the night and want to have fun in Melbourne, it’s worth doing.

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