Being assimilated

Our HAT Facebook group is now up and running, with 20 members so far! So, I wish to have a Sydney Femmobolsho Gathering towards the end of this month, if we can get enough people willing to down margaritas somewhere… Read More ›

Lights, Action – Cue SFX

I don’t know quite how my son managed this, taken a few hours ago (because he’s very keen on lolcats and wants to submit photos of our cat to I Can Has Cheezburger? for glory’s sake). Originally uploaded by the… Read More ›

I’m baaaaack!

And most remiss in not thanking the delicious Guest Hoyden’s for helping Lauredhel keep the blog ticking over in my absence until after I’d made two posts today. Thank you, thank you bluemilk, Helen on the Cast Iron Balcony, sajbrfem… Read More ›

New to the Blogroll

Kate Harding – feminism, fat and more Tama Leaver dot Net – digital culture Diary of a Research Artist – journey toward a PhD with cyberfeminist Art Girls Read Comics (And They’re Pissed) Karen Healey, Kiwi using pissed in the… Read More ›

Quick reminder

Sydney innerwest grogblogmeet tomorrow night from 7pm in Enmore/Marrickville. Come and have a chinwag. More details here.

Grogblog alert

Mark your diaries etc: next Thursday evening (October 12th) there will be a blogmeet in honour of the lovely and talented Kate (of Moment to Moment and Larvatus Prodeo) visiting Sydney. She’s only in town for a few days, and… Read More ›

Amanda vs Hef

Amanda at Pandagon takes on the myth of Hugh Hefner as a sexual revolutionary. After noting a description of the lives of Hef’s “girlfriends” where they are subject to strict curfews and other oppressive “house rules”, she goes on to… Read More ›