I have been made aware, through another forum, of someone who thinks that being placed into permanent moderation on a blog constitutes “defamation”!

*ded frum lulz*

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  1. *iz also ded*

    *will need nu hoydenz*

  2. *will need nu hoydenz*

    Oh noes!!!
    (tigtog revenant)

  3. Relevant LOLdog
    [ admin magic!]

  4. I think my brane just broke a little.


  6. I love this one.
    [Ta-da – more admin magic!]
    more cat pictures

  7. Lol, Mindy, I thought of this thread when I saw that one too. 🙂

  8. Rubbbbbbish!

    (Hoping for more admin magic)
    [admin magic delivered ~L]

  9. Totally loving these macros. Keep ‘em coming!

  10. Does this one fit the bill?
    [admin magic says yes!]
    more cat pictures

  11. Helen, that is the cutest damned pic I ever did see! What IS that, is it a baby seal or something??? Impossibly cute, and snooty to boot. My favourite kind of animal! ;p

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