Feeling just a little bit delicate

This mob got me boozing yesterday morning, and the bubbly was so nice we kinda kept going for the rest of the day. Drowning our rugby sorrows, I guess. So, light posting from me today.

brunch mosaic

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  1. Heard on the steam wireless this morning:
    “Waa, there are no southern hemisphere teams left in the Cup”
    Whut? Exactly one southern (and one northern) hemisphere team will be in the Final. Muppets.
    BK – aka smug pommie bastard

  2. Yahboosucks to smug pommie bastards! I reckon the French will do ya.
    As to the hemisphere gaffe, tch. The ‘Boks even wear the same colours as we do, silly billy radio person.

  3. I reckon the French will do ya.

    While it would be nice for Robbo and the boys to prove you wrong, any further progression would be a bonus. The important work is done.

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