Wednesday Wow: Painted Clouds

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Painted Clouds, originally uploaded by ~Ashlee.

Marvellous reflections in this one.

I needed something tranquil after reading about antisocial trends in multi–player gaming forums.

Firstly, this gamer has some excellent advice for Noobs (newbies/beginners) in gaming circles, about simple etiquette and what is likely to get you viewed as a valuable team member and what antisocial arseholery is likely to get you fragged by your team-mates.

In this guide, she mentions the habit of teabagging other players while they are temporarily “dead”. This involves mocking the moves of shoving one’s genitals into the “dead” opponent’s face, and is much enhanced by the game’s feature of “corpse cam”, where the “dead” opponent can see the groin descending towards their eyes over and over. Even better, apparently, with improved image physics in the latest games which makes the bodies respond to this humping with moderately realistic movements.

Charming, eh?

Now watch a video showing just how anybody’s darling offspring can learn to express such utter contempt for others in these games. Am I pulling too much of a long bow to relate such contempt for the defeated into the atrocities at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere?

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  1. Right next to that youtube you linked to was one by the family of a kid who was assaulted in a similar manner. The comments are deeply depressing. Ugh.

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