Urban Clown Posse, Avian Division


This morning, a pair of sulphur crested cockatoos decided that my neighbour’s citrus trees desperately needed pruning. They were chopping off branch-tips 30-40cm long, and throwing them into the air. Oranges and lemons were also snipped to plop noisily on the ground. Then this rascal had the cheek to raise his crest all offended-like just because I started laughing.

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  1. My favourite bird, notwithstanding the fact that they like to eat my passionfruit well before they’re ripe, and have the audacity to take a single bite out of each one!
    Excellent photo too, though it would benefit from a little level enhancement.

  2. A great photo. The Sulphur-crested cockies have attitude issues – their screeching arrogance makes them an indispensible part of the Australian bush.
    Also one of the birds that has also coped reasonably well with urbanisation.

  3. Thanks, folks. Jangari, I keep on forgetting that I can play with the levels etc etc.
    Here we go:

  4. And just the crest, close up:

  5. I love this, love the photo and love the story that goes with it.

  6. As you can see by my change of avatar, it’s made my week! (I’ve been getting a bit bored with my galaxy for a while, but didn’t know what to change it to)

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