Always suspected it

Stephen Fry is a geek, and now he’s blogging.

The first post is an (exhaustively) comprehensive review of the iPhone and its competitors, and his second post is on the nature of fame. They are long, which is why he calls them blessays (he acknowledges this is a horrible, horrible term but obviously can’t resist it).

The man does go on, but it is beautifully composed. If you enjoy the erudite and don’t mind some prolix pomposity on the side (all pluses in my book when done so charmingly) you could do much worse than check him out.

P.S. If you follow trackbacks around, Stephen? Use the “more” tag when composing the posts – it will truncate what shows on the front page and also make the archives much more navigable.

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4 replies

  1. Yes, very ‘Fry’.
    I loved his ‘why don’t you bastards get it?’ outburst.

  2. Wonderful. I loves him. I was reading it with his voice in my head. Did you see him a few episodes of ‘Bones’?, he was great.

  3. Reading Fry (who I am a fan of) has reminded me how blogging has shortened my attention span. I got less than halfway through his most recent post and switched off. What a sad state of affairs. I had better set myself some online remedial reading projects to get over it!

  4. Yes, I too heard his voice as I read the text. Loved the blessay on fame, and was pleased to add another item to the list of “reasons why we love Stephen Fry” – he’s a Mac-man 🙂
    Now, need to go watch a couple of episodes of “Absolute Power” ….

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