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Sydney innerwest grogblogmeet tomorrow night from 7pm in Enmore/Marrickville. Come and have a chinwag.

More details here.

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  1. So, it’s been and gone. A lovely evening with Liam and the togmob arriving first, then Kate and JW followed by Harry then Georg, then a belated but welcome appearance by Susoz and Tim Lambert accompanied by Carmen.
    Many tall tales and true were exchanged, some bitching was done and much beer was drunk. We done good.

  2. I’m sorry I couldn’t have stayed longer to meet you, Susoz, Georg, Tim and Carmen.
    Next time.

  3. And I’m sorry I was a late scratching and missed meeting Kate, Harry and Susoz.

  4. Harry is no loss, Shaun.
    (I had hieroglyph tutoring and was gunna drop in on my way back — I live in Marrickville– but sooooo tired and brain frazzled.)

  5. He’s not bad at tickling funnybones, Amanda. We could have bought you beer to soothe the frazzled brain, indeedy. Maybe another time.

  6. and I’m sorry that I missed this! Would’ve been fun, had I been in Sydney.

  7. You’re back! I’ve been keeping up with your big trip in bits and bobs. Some lovely photos you took.

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