Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

From The Age:
A new survey shows that one in five Victorians believe women are just as likely as men to violently assault their partner.
The dramatic shift in public opinion stems from the rise in fathers’ groups who say women are just as violent as men in relationships, reports Fairfax newspapers.
Mr Moodie said the change in attitude was disturbing given that domestic violence was the leading cause of preventable death for women in Victoria aged 15 to 44.
“There may be a reluctance to see men as the more violent sex, and an appeal in the idea of gender equality in regards to domestic violence. But the data simply doesn’t support this view,” La Trobe University men’s issues expert Michael Flood said.
“Men’s and fathers’ rights groups have been pushing this myth for some time and draw on some actual research, but they are very selective in that research.”

A longer post of mine discussing this Age article, with links to critiques of the studies cited by MRAs showing how they misrepresent the actuality of domestic violence, is up at Larvatus Prodeo.

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  1. Whether or not the incidence of violence happens in a similar amount across both genders, there can be no doubt that the severity of violence, when perpetrated by men, is always far more severe.

  2. Thanks for this post Tigtog – I saw the AGE article and went “hmmmm”, but you have said it all for me.(Pkvphoqd?! That’s a long one)

  3. Thanks for the thanks, Helen! The comments thread at LP ended up much more civil than I feared. Perhaps even productive!

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