The interblog ventures, continued

I’m going to have to start writing proper posts more often. Along with the Blogocracy Round Robin initiative (see previous post), which was a welcome workout, I’m also going to be guest-blogging at Feministe for a week at the end of July June!

Jill has put together a roster of guest bloggers to fill the posting gap that’s due to Jill interning at a law firm this Northern summer and thus having less time for writing on the intertubes (law firms are sticky about browsing at work), and the roster includes ex-Feministe blogger and founder Lauren, as well as regular Feministe commentors Mikey, Little Light, Flea, Belledame, Trailer Park Feminist, Evil Fizz, kactus, SassyWho and Bean. Those who are regular readers of Feministe should appreciate just how varied that roster is in terms of various feminisms.

So, as Jill’s idea is to showcase a variety of voices rather than just cookie cutter feminism, I’m casting around for a few topics to cover that week that have a regional slant on feminist and progressive politics issues that are still of interest to the American majority readers of Feministe. Any suggestions (in comments please)?

Also, my own posting might be a little less frequent as I aim for more depth and analysis again in my posts. So I’m actively soliciting more guest posts here from people who have been commenting here for a while. Shoot me an email if you’ve got a post you’d like to see published at Hoyden. I’d like to see one or two guest posts a week, say.

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  1. I got my J months mixed up. My guest week is in June, not July, so not that long ahead.

  2. Congrats on the guest blogging gig! Can’t wait to read you over there!

  3. Thanks, Kate. I’m looking forward to it. I’m not entirely unused to dealing with a larger commentariat due to my posts to the much higher traffic group ozblog Larvatus Prodeo, but Feministe has even higher traffic than LP, so it will be a challenge.

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