WordPress customisation

This whole page is wildly out of date. Treat it as a historical curiosity. Current theme is a child-theme of Hybrid. My up-to-date portfolio of WordPress custom website work can be found at VIVidWeb Services.

This site’s theme is a mildly modified version of the latest K2 release, which was chosen largely because of the flexibility of its sidebar module system – the sidebar doesn’t have to be the same on every page. The CSS has been altered to display our choice of fonts and colours, plus a few extra touches.

tigtog keeps adding new utilities to the site to enable easier navigation, search engine optimisation and more Web 2.0 etc interaction. This is nearly all done through adding plug-ins to the site, so here is a list of what has been installed. (this list is not updated as often as it might be – if some feature of the site is obviously missing from the list below email tigtog to ask)
Plugins which were useful in the past but which have now been superseded by WP upgrades incorporating new functions into the core have been struck through.

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