Mondayitis cure: kid art

Pirate Ship Pinkus. (“because the pirate ship’s name is “Pinkus”, because it’s a very old ship. Well, that’s a crows-nest with a flag, and a sail, there’s the captain, and that blue bit down the bottom is the ocean. And… Read More ›

Born to be aloud?

Image Source: screen capture from this news story Obviously not! Only the quiet gays should adopt children! My descent into spelling snark here is a form of deflection, I guess, from pondering sadly just how much Rudd is going to… Read More ›

Pedantry and puns

Last night, out with my family: Child: …and then you might get hit by a meteor and you’d be in real trouble! Other Child: Meteorite. Me: Well, no, a meteor is not a meteorite until it’s actually on the ground,… Read More ›

The preschooler speaks.

Over dinner, we were talking about the school uniform at the lad’s new school – the one he’ll be transferring to when we move. “It’s blue pants and a golden shirt”, he told Daddy, having observed the kids wearing this… Read More ›

Weekend dose of art

The lad’s been enjoying a couple of different art media this weekend. He’s continuing his single-minded effort to catalogue the natural world. “Flower” Metallic textas on Reflex photocopying paper “Tiger” Acrylic paint on butchers paper


Please tell me this site is a wind-up. Image source: screenshot from H/t to commentor Zwilnik at LP.

Recovery day

We had a quiet day today except for meeting up with all the togster’s chums from Rock Eisteddfod in the morning to unpack the trucks and do the communal gloat. What a night we had last night! We didn’t get… Read More ›