Pedantry and puns

Last night, out with my family:

Child: …and then you might get hit by a meteor and you’d be in real trouble!

Other Child: Meteorite.

Me: Well, no, a meteor is not a meteorite until it’s actually on the ground, so you couldn’t get hit by a meteorite…

Spouse: Well, not unless somebody picked a meteorite up off the ground and threw it at you.

Me: Point.

A short while later, passing a restaurant called Chedi Thai:

Son: Ha! Jedi restaurant. [makes lightsaber noises] Use the Force!

Daughter: No, you must use the Sauce.

Help. Me.

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5 replies

  1. That.Is.Hilarious. May the sauce be with you.

  2. Notice how the pedantry is a tag-team effort, and escalates with each contributor?
    Other people apparently find this habit of ours disconcerting, as if it implies we’re all spoiling for a real argument.
    Pedantry is just playing. Honest.

  3. Well you will insist on raising intelligent well read children. You only have yourself to blame.

  4. Caught me, Mindy. I was indeed bragging.

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