Insufferable coffee snob gloat

I just got a brand new Rancilio Silva espresso machine, and you (probably) don’t have one. It is built like the proverbial brick shithouse. I need no longer dread any difficulties finding our cricket bat to combat an intruder: the… Read More ›

La plume de ma tante sent comme le fromage

Not actually, but the cupboard of my kitchenette here near the rue Faubourg Saint-Antoine smells of glorious unpasteurised Camembert (the texture of Tasmanian/King Island brie/camembert is excellent, but pasteurisation kills the best part of the taste). We have been buying… Read More ›

For eating, not shelving

An e-friend on a mailing list just described a fabulous edible bouquet rather like this one that they received as a gift, a particularly appreciated gift in that she has long given up delighting in gifts of the dust-collecting figurine… Read More ›

Grogblog alert

Mark your diaries etc: next Thursday evening (October 12th) there will be a blogmeet in honour of the lovely and talented Kate (of Moment to Moment and Larvatus Prodeo) visiting Sydney. She’s only in town for a few days, and… Read More ›

Grogblogging about town

Last night we had a Sydney grogblogmeet at The Clock in Crown Street, with a Larvatus Prodeobloggers’ meetup for dinner beforehand. The excuse for both was Mark Bahnisch‘s venturing south from Brisvegas. I finally got to meet Mark, Shaun, Liam… Read More ›

Sat’dy arvo abouttohaveanap-blogging

White Heather blended Scotch is better balanced than the Black Douglas for a similiar price.

Glenfarclas 15yo single malt is a superior mid-palate and lingering mouthfeel to the Macallan’s 18yo for 2/3 the price.

That is all

Blogiversary! that means food, flowers, feminism and of course, catblogging

Yes, it was a year ago today that the brave ship tigtogblog first set sail! Looking back on ye auld archives, I am struck by my neglect of food and garden stuff recently. V.slack and shame-making.

Food: Truffles (thanks to ABC radio and some chaps in Tasmania who are going to make an absolute bomb now they’re getting in a good harvest – they’ll be able to send fresh “black gold” to Europe out of season). They discussed how to use truffles in cooking, and it all sounded v. finicky – grating slivers on to this and that, and needing something creamy or oily as a base to bring out the truffle flavour and spread it around. Sounds fatmaking, thought I.

But then they mentioned truffle oil.

Weekend Wining

Pinot Gris. Cold-climate Pinot Gris from the Victorian Highlands. We have drunk half the case before I paired it with the proper meal to not overpower it. Do not drink this wine with spicy foods, it swamps the delicate bouquet… Read More ›