Today, I haz been mostly reading Eddings Elder Gods Bk 2

Nice bit of escapist tosh. I was also lapping up the sunshine, at least until it clouded over about 2pm. The wind was cold and gusty, but the sunshine was lovely. I took the day off to enjoy it.

Every now and then I looked up to appreciate the surfers at Maroubra enjoying the steep breaks whipped up by the wind, and I got to have the quintessential beach conversation with a laconic Silver Surfer – “Good waves, mate?” “Too right. Good yesterday, too.”

It looked not entirely unlike this photo taken by somebody else a couple of months ago:

A surfer at Maroubra Beach - "Rip peak in the middle putting on a solid wall" apparently

Maroubra 8am | Rip peak in the middle putting on a solid wall

This evening, I haz been mostly adding stuff to the TripIt website for the itinerary for Sprog the Younger’s school trip to France in 6 weeks time. Yikes! It’s nice to know that I’ll be able to check her whereabouts by smartphone any time though.

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