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Lauredhel is an Australian woman and mother with a disability. She blogs about disability and accessibility, social and reproductive justice, gender, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of language, medical science, otters, gardening, and cooking.

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  1. Helen
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  2. tigtog
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  3. Beppie
    Beppie at |

    Sometimes, there are no words.

  4. Helen Huntingdon
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  5. kristi
    kristi at |

    Does that last one say “trading torso”? WTF does that even mean?

  6. hysperia
    hysperia at |

    Where did you FIND these?

  7. hysperia
    hysperia at |

    Ok never mind. I found them. I think “trading torso” means just that, you trade these things. And check out this from the same manufacturer:

  8. Deus Ex Macintosh
    Deus Ex Macintosh at |

    Well it’s what they think is most important about women, obviously. Sad, yes. Gross, certainly. But unsurprising.

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