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Lauredhel is an Australian woman and mother with a disability. She blogs about disability and accessibility, social and reproductive justice, gender, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of language, medical science, otters, gardening, and cooking.

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  1. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    People can be such callous shits. I can hear the bastards laughing about depriving PWD of these essential tools. Stabbity.

  2. su
    su at |

    Hideous. Callous with a side of mockery.

  3. Rayedish
    Rayedish at |

    That’s just awful, cumulatively horrible. People who pick on those who are vulnerable make me despair for the future of humanity.

  4. Aliasaviva
    Aliasaviva at |

    The amount of time it takes to get these things replaced! Even if no callous bastards were involved, for instance in case of accident, it seems people can be waiting absurd amounts of time whether for funding or custom made chairs/bikes.

    *Remembers with a guilty start the hoops and waits involved in replacing hearing aids in my pre-child career, (especially for those in remote areas or requiring a home visit)*

  5. Tera
    Tera at |

    *shakes head in despair at humanity*

  6. Lynda Hopgood
    Lynda Hopgood at |

    My first reaction (after the obvious “BASTARDS!”) was: why does it take so fucking long to get the items replaced? Especially the “it will take 5 months to find the money…”

    Really? It takes NHS 5 months to find 5,000 pounds to purchase an essential piece of medical equipment?

    Sheesh. No wonder the system is in such a state …

  7. Mandassassin
    Mandassassin at |

    It makes my gut twist to read about people so casually depriving us of our hard-earned mobility.
    This is why I’m requesting a wheelchair desk in my classes from the university when my powerchair (hopefully) arrives in a month or two. I’d far rather park in the hall and use a regular desk, especially given the space constraints of our classrooms, but I’m terrified of leaving a $3000 piece of equipment where it can be picked up and walked away with; literally- it’s very lightweight.
    It’s already taken three months to get to this point; after a doctor’s visit, waiting for the service provider to meet with me, having them come again when the first trial model was broken, getting more paperwork and confirmation from my doctor, now hopefully getting approval from my insurance company, appealing if I don’t, and then finally ordering the darned thing and waiting for it to ship… It’s a ridiculously long process, when I’ve needed this chair since school started in September. As it is, I manage to drag myself to my nearest class and a nice young man from Disability Support comes with a crappy old hospital chair to take me to and from the class building I could never make it to otherwise (since they wouldn’t move my class). It’s not a particularly pleasant experience, and I will be so happy when it’s no longer necessary.
    I can only start to imagine how I’d feel if someone took that mobility away after I’ve waited so long and worked so hard for it.

  8. Feather
    Feather at |

    This is so awful. What kind of a person would steal someone’s wheelchair?!

  9. Renee
    Renee at |

    This post hurts me on so many levels. My scooter is my key to freedom and independence, without it I would be housebound. For the life of me I cannot understand what these people were thinking. I believe that these “pranks” are often reduced to a joke because they don’t realize the real damage of what they have done. Stealing is wrong but this has no justification. It is just plain cruel and breaks my heart in ways that I cannot express.

  10. meloukhia
    meloukhia at |

    This, just…what, exactly, does one do with a mobility scooter or wheelchair after stealing it from someone who needs it? I suppose there’s a black market for everything, but this is truly upsetting. And it seems like there ought to be additional penalties under the law for depriving someone of mobility, above and beyond basic theft penalties.

  11. kitrona
    kitrona at |

    What disgusting human beings! I really cannot come up with words that are strong enough to fully describe the nauseating horror I feel for these miscreants who have deprived so many people of something THEY take for granted!

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  13. Bene
    Bene at |

    I’m with meloukhia on this one, on all points.

  14. Deborah
    Deborah at |

    Another one. Not a mobility device, but an assistive (?) device that is critical to this boy’s ability to communicate.

    An eight-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer has been robbed in his own home of his $20,000 communication machine, a lifeline to the outside world for the boy. … Caleb’s mother Zara said Caleb was inside using the machine while she was out in the garden, when someone entered the house and took the machine which was attached to Caleb’s wheelchair, as he was using it. [link]

    This is so callously cruel.

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