So my plans for writing today didn’t quite work out

I really wanted to vent about politics on my keyboard today, but it didn’t happen. I had another singing day until 4pm, with a concert for nursing home residents as part of their music therapy program, and then went for feminist drinkies and nattering in the CBD which was some fun relaxing time. Just not enough time in the day for keyboard pounding.

However, one of our Geek Feminist friends Valerie Aurora had her ally-training work profiled in the Guardian, so that’s a happy happening!

I’m going to leave you there today, sorry. We had a good concert, we’ve been rehearsing more intensively over the last month, and our performance stepped up a notch or two as a result. Looking forward to our next rehearsal with our new double-bass player tomorrow, and hoping that adding that gorgeous sound into our mix will make life much more delightfully interesting.

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