James Frey’s fictional non-fiction – more than just a personal flaw

It is very frightening that many, perhaps millions of people’s understanding of addiction has been grossly perverted by a fraudulent book that started its life as an overt work of fiction.

So says my old mate Kev, over at Sufficient Scruples. Kev takes a deeper look at the issues of the day, with especial attention to health policy and bioethics. His articles are long, but totally worth reading. He’s also a regular at Lean Left.

The appeal of characters such as Frey’s reconfiguration of himself, the hell-raising hooligan who saves himself through strength of will, is well examined by Lance Mannion, who looks at the utter Right Wingish-ness of Hollywood action heroes and how that message subverts the culture. The myth of the loner who can take a stand and save the day without needing human relationships such as community or support from larger public institutions is insidious, and we leftists should think hard before we reward filmmakers and publishers who push such narratives with our dollars.

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